I’ve always been a drinker of beer. I, like many people from Nova Scotia, was introduced to beer in high school through the work of the great Scotsman Alexander Keith. However, when I moved to Newfoundland for university, my interest in beer grew through more exposure than a small-town boy from Nova Scotia could ever imagine. First I took on the big breweries (our residence was actually sponsored by a couple of the big breweries. This led to a lot of free beer but not a lot of choice. It was kind of a dance with the one who brought you type of situation, which led to drinking a lot of beer made with big budgets at the expense of big taste. It was beer best served so cold that the mountains go blue in order to freeze your tastebuds to ensure you don’t taste anything but cold), and then through smaller craft brewers in the province.

While I’ve always enjoyed sampling new beers, I’ve never been very good at keeping track of what I have tried. I will walk by the beer cooler and think to myself, “I’ve tried that one, it’s good,” or “I remember that one but I wouldn’t buy it again.” That is the impetus for this site. I wanted to have a more formal approach to my beer consumption that I (or anyone else) could look to for tasting notes and a beer fan’s honest opinion.