Annex Ale Project – Calgary, Alberta

Last month, I was in Florida for work and I missed Annex Ale Project‘s grand opening. I am still upset about this. Even though I was able to have a small taste of their work at Calgary’s Beer Fest, that is never enough. I knew I needed to get to the taproom as soon as possible. You should too.

Annex Ale Project, located at 4323 1 St SE, is a new player in Calgary’s craft beer scene but they’ve already made an impression with their craft soda, which has been on sale for the past year or so. Their Root Beer can be purchased at the brewery and other establishments in Calgary and surrounding areas. IMG_8929.jpg

Walking into the tap room on a warm Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see how busy it was. The building is bright and welcoming, complete with clean lines and a modern look. That aesthetic carries over to their merchandise, which occupies an understated rack off to one side. I am a big fan of the their simple branding. I will be sure to grab a t-shirt the next time I am there.

I ordered a flight of the four beers on tap and took up a seat at the only free table. Erica, the very kind server/owner of Annex Ale Project, brought over my four glasses, somehow balancing them all without spilling a drop, then detailed what each glass contained and the order in which they should be consumed. Being the rule-follower I am, I did what I was told. IMG_8928.jpg

First up was Civil Twilight Oat Pale Ale. Annex came out swinging on the first pitch with this one. It’s wonderfully balanced with a smooth finish and a 5.8% ABV. This is a beer that pairs well with a large glass and a set of thirsty lips. It’s easy drinking and I did a very good job making it disappear.

Up next was the Sun Flare Ginger Lime Kettle Sour. This is a fragrant little number that immediately introduces you to a bouquet of ginger and a 6% ABV. The beer is an easy drinking brew, but when I see ‘Kettle Sour’, I expect to get a bit of mouth-puckering kick at the back of the throat. I didn’t get that here. Refreshing and tasty, yes, but I want to have the equivalent to a Sour Patch candy when I order a sour beer (but with more alcohol).

Batting third is the Metes and Bounds XPA. This is a light-bodied, crisp ale with a 6% ABV. It strikes you with some bitterness on the finish. It’s quite smooth and quickly vanished on a sunny day.

Hitting cleanup was the Bitter Division North American Bitter. It is brown and smells of bread and goodness with an ABV of 5.2%. It’s a straightforward take on a classic style and was very enjoyable.

Overall, Annex Ale Project is a stunner. From the bright, welcoming tap room to the quality beers being put forward, this place has the Lager Blogger stamp of approval. Be sure to grab some Civil Twilight Oat Pale Ale and share it with friends. Or me. I will be your friend if you have some Civil Twilight in tow.

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