Pale Session Ale -Goat Locker Brewing Company, Calgary

What drew me to this beer was the slogan “Born in Alberta, Inspired by the Sea.” Being from Nova Scotia and living in Alberta, I identified with that idea, but in reverse. So as I poured out the contents of the can, I put on some George Canyon, because he was born by the sea and is clearly inspired by Alberta (that’s the closest musical accompaniment that I could think of – although I would not call myself a George Canyon fan), and I hope for the best.

The side of the can gives some information on what a goat locker is and why this company took it as its moniker. I was unfamiliar with what a goat locker was so I had to do my research. A goat locker was where ships would keep a goat onboard to supply the crew with milk during their voyage, as well as providing the crew with a handy disposal unit, taking advantage of the goat’s penchant for consuming rubbish. It’s an interesting nautical term that I was unfamiliar with and Goat Locker Brewing Company has translated that into a unique name and a compelling company logo. I’d wear a shirt with that logo (high praise, I know).

Goat Locker Brewing Company is in its infancy in Calgary. It’s in the process of setting up its facilities in Alberta so their friends at Dead Frog Brewery in Aldergrove, BC, were able to brew this beer for them. Thank you, Dead Frog Brewery.

That’s it! I can’t handle anymore George Canyon! I’m putting on Tom Petty.

I poured the beer into a standard pint glass and I was immediately drawn to the bold copper colour. It’s a very attractive beer with a thick haze that gives the impression that the beer is heavier than it is. The two-finger thick head is an off-white colour, full of big bubbles, but it drops faster than my phone battery (you can see in the photo that a lot of it is gone by the time I could take the picture). There is some light lacing on the glass. The aroma is fruity with a note of hops and a hint of bread.

Tasting the beer you immediately pick up the hops. It has a slight bitter taste and a dry finish, while offering a refreshing and enjoyable beer. There’s a biscuit flavour that is prominent when the liquid hits your tongue. The aftertaste is strong and pleasant. This is a very drinkable beer that combines a complexity of flavours and packs them all into a compact can.

The feel of the brew is lighter than the hazy appearance would lead to you believe, although it still has sufficient body that leaves you satisfied.

This is truly a session ale that you’d be comfortable bringing to a BBQ and drinking all afternoon. It is unique enough to keep you interested but it won’t tire you out. It is also thoughtfully packaged in a way that draws attention. I can see myself at a party in the summer gladly talking someone’s ear off about this new beer and what a goat locker is. Maybe this is why I don’t get invited to many summer BBQs – but I will drink it on my own and be very happy, as long as there is no George Canyon playing.


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